5 Efficient Zoho Cliq Team Building Strategies

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What is the secret to creating a motivated and content team? As they work to foster harmony within their teams and produce the results they are after, managers and team leaders frequently ask themselves this issue. But a time-tested activity called team building holds the key to creating a strong team and improving team performance.


Creating a strong link between each team member and bringing your team together are the main goals of team building. As a result, the diverse, individually valuable personnel are brought together to form a strong, effective whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Team building enables groups to set tough objectives, collaborate, and successfully meet deadlines. Let's examine how team building makes teams stronger and how you may assemble your team with Zoho Cliq.


Recognizing the significance of team building


Despite being social creatures, humans don't always cooperate. Since no two people are alike and teams frequently include members from different age groups, nations, ethnicities, and other types of identities, socializing at work can be difficult. Without a healthy team culture or team-building exercises, it can be challenging to promote efficient communication between individuals. However, team building is essential for the growth and productivity of the team. What benefits can team building provide then?


     Develops trust amongst coworkers: When teammates are more familiar with one another, they are better able to communicate, work together, and complete tasks.


     Reduces stress: Lack of clarity regarding the team's goals can lead to unneeded stress and anxiety, which in turn has an impact on productivity. In order to alleviate stress and achieve goals, the team should strive to create a holistic environment.


     Increases employee contribution: There is no greater motivation than the desire to collaborate and succeed as a team. They are better suited to produce outcomes more quickly when teammates are on the same page and working toward the same objective.


Using Zoho Cliq to promote teamwork


The practice of team building was widespread across all enterprises before the 2020 pandemic. Team development in a virtual setting had its own issues when the epidemic hit and social distance forced many employees to work from home. Many teams are eager to re-incorporate team building events into their weekly agendas when employees gradually return to the workplace.


Team building may still be difficult if your team has chosen hybrid work with members located all over the country or the world. However, we have some advice on how you can use Zoho Cliq to facilitate efficient team creation. Let's look at it.


Online meetings serve as excellent icebreakers.


Icebreakers are a simple technique to encourage teamwork among your teammates. The conversation will continue even if you just ask about their favorite foods or shows. You can organize virtual icebreaker sessions during Cliq audio and video meetings once a month or whenever a new team member joins to aid in the development of these ties. Cliq meetings have fascinating features like the ability to react with GIFs, stickers, or hand gestures while participants are speaking, which makes the interactions more enjoyable.

Games for groups with the Games extension


In Zoho Cliq, the Games extension, you may play online games to unwind and have fun during or after a long day at work. To choose your game and begin playing, use the /play command. But what joy is playing by yourself? With the /challenge command, teammates can begin game challenges, choose their opponent, and participate in thrilling matches.

Whiteboard fun


Were you a member of one of the groups that reserved a conference room on a Friday night to play a game of Pictionary? Bring back the good old days. Join your coworkers in a Cliq meeting, activate the real-time whiteboard feature, and then begin drawing.

Using a video conference, display your workstation


Do you enjoy adorning your desk at work? It only makes sense to keep your desk in the configuration you choose since you spend the majority of your day there. However, working from home prevents you from seeing your coworkers' workstations and observing the tiny things they do to make work enjoyable. Utilize Cliq's video meetings to host a work-desk showcase event, showoff your workspace to your coworkers, and spread the happiness.

Weekly schedules for work and brainstorming


Organizing your team through brainstorming is essential. Together, you and your coworkers brainstorm as a team. Make team brainstorming a weekly ritual to strengthen relationships and boost output. Through Cliq meetings, you may plan brainstorming sessions.

There is a lot more you can do with Zoho Cliq for the growth of your team than what we have covered here. If you frequently utilize Cliq for communication, tryout these tasks frequently to notice how your team dynamics change. You can start your free trial with us right away and use our premium features if you want to start utilizing Cliq for seamless communication. This is all about Zoho cliq, If you are looking for related stuff, then do checkout Zoho consulting services