All you need to know about Zoho Recruitment Process Automation.

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All you need to know about Zoho Recruitment Process Automation
Your company’s hiring procedure may start out simple, and you can learn as you go with it. But as time pass your requirements start expanding, you’ll require to depend on support systems around you to refine your hiring process. In today’s digital era, though, software that can automate the daily recruitment tasks your team has is becoming a vital component for your growing company.

Zoho Recruit’s Recruitment Process Automation (RPA) can enhance productivity, decrease time-to-fill and cost-per-hire, and help you make the right employment decisions by improving your organization’s overall talent profile.

Zoho Recruit provides you the choice to automate the workflow process and set up automatic revert back, alerts, and notifications ahead of time to keep your procedure running smoothly. The automation features a target to make the complete hiring process easier, from sending emails to each new client to scheduling daily follow-ups automatically. 

Automation has become a priceless resource for hiring agencies and internal HR teams everywhere. For Small and Medium enterprises and freelancers, it also provides the competitive edge needed to stay appropriate by giving you more time to focus on improving your organization’s productivity, growth, and employee experience. 

Here are some of the instances of how Zoho Recruit’s Recruitment Process Automation can optimize various areas of your hiring process.

Applicant Sourcing & Engagement

When applied to candidate sourcing and engagement, RPA can assist you to look for active job finders and sustain passive applicants. With one click, you can share your job ad to the most popular job sites on the web, and social media integrations make it easier for applicants to apply through sites like LinkedIn or Facebook. Zoho Recruit’s Source Boosters also collect and examine applicant profiles and match them mechanically with your job openings. Furthermore, you can automate applicant outreach with Autoresponders and enhance engagement by keeping in contact with potential hires through each step of the recruitment procedure.

Applicant Screening & Experience

Zoho Recruit’s Chatbot and Career website can mechanize your applicant screening, status updates, and different aspects of the applicant experience. It also gives potential candidates a hub to explore details about your company. Links to social media handles branded messaging, and custom layouts will give applicants more confidence that they will be joining an organizational culture they will love. And between the two features, they’ll enjoy a streamlined, simple-to-use, and versatile interface when submitting their application for one or many of your open job roles.

Interview Scheduling

Zoho Recruit’s Calendar Bookings help you totally automate the interview scheduling procedure. With this characteristic, you list your open interview timetable and allow applicants to choose from what is available. This gives the applicant command over when they'd prefer to interview, eliminating the traditional back and forth email conversation and saving both you and your applicants time.

Evaluations, Interviews, & Background Checks

There’s more to interviewing than just scheduling, though. As a matter of fact, applicant evaluation is a hotbed of growth in the ATS market. Zoho Recruit’s remarkable Skill Matching System, Video Interviews, and integrations with big vendors like HackerRank, Spark Hire, Central Test, and Skill Survey assist you test applicants for specific attributes and make informed hiring choices. Moreover, integrations with Checkr, HireRight, and Verified First help you carry out quick background checks and show detailed reports specific to each applicant.

Recruitment Marketing  & Candidate Relationship Management

Recruitment marketing and candidate relationship management (CRM) software assist organizations to maintain relations with applicants on an ongoing basis at scale, rather than simply connecting when they are in an active interview procedure. Utilizing Zoho Recruit’s Workflow, Autoresponders, and Email Scheduling, you can easily set up and manage automated emails to your applicants and customers. Moreover, Recruit offers Candidate Portals for effortless communication between applicants and your hiring team whenever they have queries or concerns.

AI Matching & Ranking

Finding the right applicants and matching them with the right job role is a basic work of recruitment. However, depending on a manual review of each applicant’s resume will normally lead to missing out on great hires. Zoho Recruit uses Zia, an AI recruiting assistant, to show and match applicants based on skillsets and job necessities without having to compare them the hard way. Zia also creates Match Scores to assess and rank applicants based on a job opening and vice versa. This match score is somewhat created based on the skillset mentioned with the job opening when it’s first made and the information in the applicant record’s Skills field. This implies that you can set up ideal skillsets in advance to smooth out the hiring process before ever accepting your first application.

Once you’ve applied and automated these routine parts of your hiring process, you will be able to provide more time and resources to future-proofing your operations and hiring skilled candidates in higher volumes.

If you’re looking for an end-to-end talent acquisition system to automate and increase your hiring process, take Zoho Recruit for a spin! Trigya Innovation will be happy to help you set Zoho Recruit for your business and easy hiring process. 
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