Introducing Zoho Marketing Plus: The Integrated Marketing Platform for Teams

25.07.22 08:40 PM Comment(s)

We're excited and happy to introduce Zoho Marketing Plus, the integrated marketing platform for marketing teams, as the company's next significant move in unifying apps and business processes.


Zoho initially entered the field of marketing software when we introduced Zoho Campaigns, our email marketing solution, in 2012—ten years ago. We have been steadily making investments in the martech sector over the past ten years, and our particular solutions have helped thousands of excellent marketers and marketing teams all around the world. As a result, we now comprehend their goals and difficulties in managing their marketing initiatives. Our response to these problems is Zoho Marketing Plus, which combines the marketing tools we've developed over the previous ten years into a single service to assist marketing teams in establishing and expanding their brands. Businesses of all sizes can accomplish that growth with Zoho Marketing Plus, which provides both the depth and breadth of marketing operations.


Brand Studio is now available for smooth campaign execution from beginning to end.


The majority of the time, marketing tools aren't made to give a thorough, high-level overview of marketing operations or campaign results. Through Marketing Plus, we hope to change this.


Zoho Marketing Plus provides high visibility and efficient cooperation throughout every marketing campaign with the consolidation of diverse marketing and business operations through its potent campaign workspace, called Brand Studio. Brand Studio joins all the marketing campaign's pieces together; it gathers all the activities, conversations, channels, brand assets, and stakeholders in one location so that teams can truly work on campaigns together.


No more forgotten context or squandered chances for client interactions


On a single screen, the unified marketing platform connects social media, email marketing, webinars, website performance tracking, customer surveys, events, and robust analytics. Campaigns can be easily created across channels, and they can all be measured in one location. They can guarantee better execution for their brand and a consistent brand experience across touchpoints for their customers because they don't have to worry about transitioning between channels or providing context.


Learn everything there is to know about your marketing and entire consumer experience.


Greater visibility into all of your previous and ongoing marketing initiatives is made possible by Marketing Plus. Enhanced visibility is one advantage that Marketing Plus has for our early clients. The platform offers tremendous insights into two critical areas of your marketing process: the execution and advancement of your marketing projects, and overall marketing and company performance.


Teams and leaders may monitor the real time status of every action, see how each campaign is performing, and see who has been tasked with what task by using Brand Studio's analytics.



The platform also comes with powerful dashboards by which you can gauge the success and/or progress of a specific marketing channel or an overview of all of your marketing efforts.


Teams can easily request any report or dashboard they need using Marketing Plus' AI-driven analytics. So that marketing teams can see the entire context of the business and rely on a single source of marketing truth, the platform can also incorporate important data from other business areas, including sales, service, or even customer success.


Seamless cooperation amongst all parties involved


When it comes to implementation, effective marketing necessitates cooperation between many team members and stakeholders. But until now, cooperation has typically taken place without the use of marketing technologies and hasn't been directly integrated with marketing operations. Teams can debate launch strategies, work together on campaign materials, co-create brand assets, exchange crucial information at the appropriate moment, and more with Zoho Marketing Plus, all from within the platform. Our goal is to strengthen this even further over the next 18 months by utilizing a lot more features of our internal communication tool, Zoho Cliq.



By eliminating redundancies and confusion arising from multiple siloed solutions, Zoho Marketing Plus maximizes productivity and teamwork, allowing marketers to stay nimble and collaborative amid evolving customer needs. When marketers aren't bogged down by operations, they can deliver creative campaigns that promote meaningful relationships between the brand and customers." To implement Zoho Marketing and all related Zoho Consulting Services Plus suite for your business connect with Trigya Innovations.