Zoho one training along with Zoho one implementation 

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Zoho one training along with Zoho one implementation 

As a Zoho One Partner, our goal is to help you replace your patchwork of cloud applications, legacy tools, spreadsheets and paper-based processes with one operating system for your entire business. 

At Trigya Innovations, we focus on providing our small business clients with smart, agile business solutions to help your company work more effectively & scale your business at a fraction of the cost of most full service business software solutions! 

Whether you are a Solopreneur or have 100+ employees, our Zoho One cloud-based solutions will allow you to automate processes and eliminate duplicate data entry.  With clients across 5 continents, we provide high-quality professional services in the areas of Finance/Accounting, Operations, HR, PSA, Ecommerce, Marketing and more.

Taking into account the nature of your business/industry, we'll first gather the details of your organization, specific business use cases, and any other special requirements.  We'll then help establish business KRA/KPI's and provide a custom solution to best implement & use the 45+ applications available under Zoho One.  Note that Trigya Innovations will take care of all the "heavy lifting" in regard to setting up & implementing your cloud-based apps.  We're passionate about helping you put your business on Auto-Pilot so you can focus ON your business instead of being stuck IN your day to day operations.


Do you want to be an expert on Zoho? Are you willing to do something beyond expectations? Getting confused about relying on any company to learn and understand its tactics? Then Trigya Innovations is the right place to get connected with. We provide next-level Training and consultation to make sure you get the best understanding of this software. 


Utilizing Zoho applications should make your life simpler, right?! 

Your association has carried out Zoho implementation or is going to, and you realize it will assist you with dealing with your client information and deals better, yet there's simply such a long way to go! 

Is this you? 

Would you like to utilize every one of the extraordinary components in Zoho yet are not even sure where a big part of them is? 

Is it true that you are getting baffled by the bundle of 45+ apps provided by zoho one plan


This training will take you through all that you need to know to be ready for action like a master! 

What we instruct is significantly more pertinent for genuine business solutions. 

What will you learn in this Zoho training? 

Our all module training program is intended to make your life easy while utilizing the zoho one apps. Our extensive training plan includes first implementing the various zoho modules for your business and then training your team on your account only to give you realistic hands on training and practice. Our training program includes training on Zoho CRM on each user based, zoho marketing training for email marketing, zoho social training, zoho Analytics training, Zoho support desk training, zoho SalesIQ training, zoho HRMS training and so on. 

Pre-Training Meeting

We start the training process with a pre-training shared screen session with someone from your management team where we can:

  • Review your current Zoho Setup and determine the elements that you want to focus on,
  • Determine which modules you use and which ones you will not be using, and
  • Understand which fields are important to your company and which ones are discretionary.

Part of the success of end-user adoption is ensuring that your team knows how to use Zoho, and not just the keystrokes. Most people can figure a lot of that out on their own. Of course, we also teach users the tips and tricks to help them get the most out of Zoho with the least amount of effort on their part.

End-User Training

After our initial discussion, we can setup an online training time for you and your team. These Zoho CRM training sessions usually last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the users experience with zoho apps. Based on our discussions, we focus our training on using Zoho to meet the objectives of the firm. Our goal is to make sure that they understand why filling out “Field A” is important and how it is used to segment the list or build a report.

If your team is comprised of road warriors, we include training on mobile devices as well.

Zoho User Guides

We also have pre-defined user guides that we send to users after training. These remind the users of what they learned in training and how to move forward in using other elements of Zoho. We have formulated in depth user guides for various modules of Zoho one apps so that they can understand the process better. Notwithstanding this, we provide 24x7 client support, and are more than happy to attend to your queries regarding zoho apps. 

Optional Follow-up Training

In addition, we can also offer follow-up training… usually about 2 weeks after the initial training. It’s easy to understand something when it is being explained in the moment. But when they get back to the real world, end-users sometimes forget how to do something or why it is important. Or perhaps they come across other issues that they would like to explain. This training is a great way to shore up any misunderstandings or just to answer product questions.

Online Training

Finally, most of our training is delivered via online meeting software so that no matter where your team is located, they can all participate. It is also offered by the team who implement your zoho one suite, so there isn’t a question that your team can ask that we don’t know the answer to.

If you like you can connect with us to know more about the process. Click to find out more about us.

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