How to Run Productive Hybrid Meetings with Zoho Cliq

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 Nowadays, a large portion of us either work from home or use a mixed work paradigm. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, there have been an increase in online meetings, and a Gartner study projects that by 2024, just about 25% of business meetings will be face-to-face. All other meetings will be held virtually.


The requirement for a productive collaboration tool


Companies have embraced online meeting technologies never like as a result of the increase in virtual meetings. Instead of implementing a cohesive platform, many firms historically used various technologies for project management, online meetings, and chat. Product developers are improving their products to meet the needs of businesses better, who are now searching for software with a variety of features.


For instance, Zoho Cliq is a comprehensive collaboration solution that enables anything from chat messaging and team meetings to automating procedures. The most recent version of the software, Cliq 3.0, includes additional features that improve the meeting experience as a whole.


The following Zoho Cliq capabilities can help customers conduct effective virtual meetings:


1. The factor of scalability


Whether it's a one-on-one meeting, an announcement to the entire organization, or a significant virtual event, the tool you choose must be efficient for all meeting kinds.


With up to 1,000 participants, you may host productive discussions with Zoho Cliq.


2. Transfer authority by co-hosting


If you're running a big meeting, you'll probably be more concerned with getting the material out than with controlling the attendees. There will be occasions when you need to give your team members authority, even at short meetings.


You can choose co-hosts for any Cliq meeting as the host. These assignments can be made during scheduling or even in the midst of a meeting.


3. Whiteboard for team communication using visuals


Consider that you are attempting to describe the project workflow to attendees while facilitating a meeting for a significant project topic. You can rapidly create a project workflow, plan your strategy, and annotate screenshots with Zoho Cliq's live, collaborative whiteboard. Additionally, you can add editors to a collaborative whiteboard in real time.


4. Establish asynchronous connections with geographically dispersed teams


Finding a meeting time that is convenient for everyone can be challenging for geographically dispersed teams because everyone has different schedules.


You can effortlessly record and distribute your meetings using Zoho Cliq so that everyone is informed. You can use recordings to refresh your memory. They save you from having to record minutes manually and maybe accessed at anytime.



5. Invite visitors from outside your meetings


You may occasionally need to arrange online meetings with guests from outside your company, such as partners, vendors, and clients.


External and internal collaboration are both made easier by Zoho Cliq. Sending them an invite link makes it simple to include guest participants in any meeting.



6. Use virtual backgrounds and effects to liven up your meetings


A cluttered background is a worry that many of us have about participating in virtual meetings. Want a hip background for your video calls or somewhere to conceal a pile of clothes? The virtual backgrounds offered by Zoho Cliq make it all possible. Additionally, video filters can be used to add more life to your sessions.



7. Participate in surveys, gestures, and GIFs


Let's say you want to hear everyone's thoughts before your meeting. During an active meeting, you can rapidly create a poll with Zoho Cliq and get real time statistics.


Additionally, you can add more humor to your meetings by using GIFs and hand gestures. This enables you to improve participation in meetings as well. Users can easily communicate their feelings by sharing thumbs-up and laughing gifs, for instance.



8. Stage view and grid view


When participating in a meeting, Zoho Cliq gives you the option to switch between the grid view and stage view.


The grid view is an appropriate choice if you want to see every member of a meeting.



The stage perspective is ideal if you want to simulate a seminar setting with the speakers on stage and the attendees on the lower deck.



A thorough meeting experience


Nowadays, a large percentage of our collaboration efforts take place virtually, therefore it's crucial to choose software with features that will make meetings productive and effective. Users can access powerful virtual meeting software, project management tools, and chat features through a unified platform like Zoho Cliq. This reduces expenditures caused by purchasing several applications and eliminates the need to switch between different apps for work.


Want to know more about how Zoho Cliq, get in touch with Zoho CRM Consultant and make it easier for you to conduct productive online meetings? To learn more about Cliq meetings and other features, request a demo. Then, leave us a commentwith your thoughts.