Trigya Innovations as Zoho Training Partner- Making Zoho CRM as easy as ABC.

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Zoho CRM empowers an overall association of more than 250,000 associations in 180 countries to change over more leads, attract customers, and foster their pay. Change your business with the world's #1 customer relationship the board programming. 

Why pick Zoho CRM? 

  • Fundamental, direct UI with an in huge assumption to ingest data. 
  • Versatile, month-to-month contracts maintained by clear esteeming plans. 
  • Sending, meeting, onboarding, and getting ready activities to help you with starting without any problem. 
  • Movement wizard to adequately import data from bookkeeping pages or other CRM systems. 
  • The extensible designer stage works with all the closer consolidation of CRM with outside structures and applications. 
  • Sell in a rush with our honor-winning CRM applications for the two iOS and Android. 
  • Assume liability for your deals with master Zoho CRM preparing. 

The Zoho CRM Training shows you how to deal with your deals and clients the RIGHT way so you can invest more energy in developing your business. 

Zoho CRM Training 

Utilizing Zoho CRM should make your life simpler, right?! 

Your association has carried out Zoho CRM or is going to, and you realize it will assist you with dealing with your client information and deals better, yet there's simply such a long way to go! 

Is this you? 

Would you like to utilize every one of the extraordinary components in Zoho yet are not even sure where a big part of them is? 

Is it accurate to say that you are getting befuddled by Zoho's Sales Process? 

Is it accurate to say that you are attempting to get client information into Zoho CRM the RIGHT way? 

Is it true that you are 'whipped' about not getting calls, meetings, and messages to clients recorded in CRM? 

Is it true that you are getting baffled by the contrast between a Lead and an Opportunity? 

Do you wish you could improve comprehension of how your business is getting along utilizing the Dashboards? 


This training will take you through all that you need to know to be ready for action like a master! 

What will you learn in this Zoho CRM training? 

This is only a sample of what you'll get in this thorough course: 

1. Demonstration on your own company CRM account.

2. Getting around CRM 
  • Explore around the CRM interface rapidly and productively 
  • Put together, view, and sort your information utilizing records and channels 
  • Settings to be designed by individual clients and settings for chairmen 
  • View and send messages by associating any email customer 
  • An outline of Zoho modules and how to utilize them 
  • Appoint errands, add occasions, and log calls for you and other CRM clients 
  • How and where to store reports in the CRM 

3. Planning your Sales Process. 
  • Comprehend the Business-to-Business (B2B) deals measure in Zoho 
  • Comprehend the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) deals measure in Zoho 

4. Recording Leads, Customers, and Deals. 
  • What is a Lead and when do you utilize it? 
  • Adding and refreshing Accounts and Contacts 
  • Adding and following Deals. 

5. Following your business movement. 
  • Making Quotes 
  • Making Sales Orders 
  • Making and sending Invoices 
  • Producing Purchase Orders 
  • Adding Products, Vendors, and Price books 

6. Recording issues with Cases and Solutions. 
  • Observing and reacting to client criticism to items or administrations with Cases and Solutions 

7. Promoting with CRM. 
  • Understanding which promoting efforts created deals 
  • Dealing with your online media with Zoho CRM 

8. Making Reports, KPIs and Dashboards. 
  • Transform your information into outwardly engaging reports and quick dashboards to follow your KPIs 

9. Broadening CRM and building formats. 
  • Interfacing with other business applications utilizing Integrations 
  • Sending normalized messages with Templates and Mail Merge 

10. Wrapping up. 
  • We will take all your queries and provide you the unique solutions based on your business.
  • We will also provide you a user guide explaining you about the different modules of Zoho CRM.

Who this course is for? 

  1. Entrepreneurs 
  2. Project leads and their groups 
  3. Money and Administration groups who work with client information and need to keep precise records 
  4. Any individual who needs to utilize Zoho CRM in their work! 

Zoho Training Partner 

Through internet preparing, we plan to offer to prepare custom fitted to meet your business necessities. We assist you with approving your specialized abilities so you can viably maintain your business. With computerized and in-class learning directed by our specialists with curated content, you can take your courses from any place. Associate with us today and stay and stay talented! We are Delhi-based ensured accomplices of Zoho, and our objective is to create talented people and upscaled business efficiency! 

Why train for Zoho Applications?

Say goodbye to hassle, and say hello to an excellent customer journey with Zoho. From managing leads, sales pipeline, customer relationship, and closing deals, Zoho provides business-ready solutions with its range of applications. The cloud-based solution platform provides a centralized solution for all business needs. Your team will be able to work efficiently, collaborate better and increase productivity with less hassle when trained with the best knowledge. Train in various applications to bring the best of it and become a pro in delivering automated workflows and integrations. And at Trigya Innovations, we make it easier for you! We are a certified Zoho One Training Partner, have completed over 130 Zoho One projects worldwide and trained them on Zoho applications. Read some of our case studies Here. Contact us if you are interested in using Zoho applications for your business.