Use these Nine Sales Prospecting Strategies to Boost Sales Conversions

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Sales people utilize sales prospecting approaches to locate leads, qualify them, and make contact. The effectiveness of your sales prospecting techniques directly affects the outcomes of your sales process.


Salespeople are the face of a company, assisting customers in selecting the best items, and ensuring the long-term viability of the organization. You know who to thank if your products are flying off the shelves or your sales revenue is rising quickly! Let's go to our hand-picked list of prospecting strategies without further ado.


1. Recognize your ideal client


No matter how effective your sales conversion strategies are, they will be useless if you don't reach out to the correct people. Prospecting is crucial for this reason.


By studying your client base and outlining their journey, you can create an ideal customer profile (ICP). Based on this, adjust your sales prospecting strategies. Make the most of your time by just reaching out to your most important leads and reducing the discussion whenever an existing lead doesn't meet your requirements.


When screening leads, real-time visitor tracking and lead scoring can help you save time.


2. Automate lead generation


Time is money in sales. The sales process must therefore be automated as much as feasible.


Send out a chatbot to handle the initial phase. A chatbot that is properly created is a big tool for many tasks, including gathering information from leads, responding to queries, or even showing the perfect items depending on their needs.


It's not as difficult as you may imagine to create a fully functional chatbot. With the use of pre-built blocks and a drag-and-drop interface, you can build a bot flow and add responses using the codeless bot builder provided by Zoho SalesIQ. In other words, building a personalized chatbot couldn't be easier if you've ever been excellent with Lego sets (yes, the toy)!


Additionally, SalesIQ includes an AI-powered chatbot that is as human-like as chatbots can be, interpreting client inquiries regardless of the language used, providing answers from your knowledge base, and even engaging in small talk. This is made possible by the libraries of Business Terms—words used in your industry and business—and Small Talk—casual, interesting phrases.


The bot can transfer the chat to a live salesperson at any time if the prospect requests it.


3. Interact with influential people


Increase your trust with potential customers who suit your ICP by collaborating with industry leaders. To position yourself as an authority, you may also join pertinent social media groups and participate in live discussions or question-and-answer sessions. This will assist you in obtaining qualified prospects who are eager to do business with you and considerably raise your sales conversion rate.


4. Tradeshows are a time-honored prospector's treasure.


Salespeople frequently disregard the value of face-to-face networking in favor of other methods and channels for sales prospecting. Trade exhibitions and business gatherings continue to be powerful vehicles for generating leads. According to a study by The Tradeshow Network, 92% of people attend trade shows to learn about new goods and services that are available. In spite of the costs, showcasing your company or product at the appropriate events will likely result in more qualified leads and higher sales conversion rates. Make sure you choose events whose participant demographics align with your ICP to maximize your return on investment.


5. Obtain entire prospect information


In-depth knowledge about your prospects must be a given in your prospecting strategies; in the case of B2B sales, this knowledge includes the firm and stakeholders, job roles, employee strength, geo-location, pages visited, and time spent. This can assist you in making a targeted sales pitch, anticipating sales challenges, and guiding the conversation accordingly.


This research is done for you by Zoho SalesIQ's AI-powered profile enrichment, allowing you to concentrate on improving sales conversion. You may also combine third-party enrichment tools like Clearbit or Leadberry with SalesIQ if you currently use them.


In order to best prepare yourself to move prospects through the sales funnel, you also receive detailed website activity, time stamps, and conversation history for your prospects.


6. Divide up the time for each sales activity.


Set out time periods to concentrate on one activity at a time, including calls, emails, proposals, and more. This enables you to get into the flow and complete them more quickly, increasing your sales volume.


7. Get your timing right.


It may come as no surprise to those who are familiar with selling psychology that you have a higher chance of closing a deal when prospects are actively considering their needs.


Don't wait till you have some free time to make contact because every minute you wait causes their interest to decline. Create high-intent chat triggers on your website with pertinent messaging based on the visitor's position in the sales funnel. However, do not terrify them with messages as soon as they arrive on a page. Choose the ideal chat trigger duration: 20 seconds for new visitors and 30 seconds for returning visitors.


The greatest days of the week are Tuesdays to Thursdays, with Wednesdays being perfect, if your sales process involves cold calling or if you need to make follow-up calls or emails.


Reach out before their workday begins (8 to 9 am), before they take a lunch break (11:30 to 12:30 pm), or in the late afternoon since we already know that individuals detest disruptions at work (4 to 5 pm). However, it's likely that every other salesperson has repeatedly searched for this, so test out other spots until you find the one that works best for you.


8. Make a local phone call


You may be an expert at closing deals, but even the best sales conversion strategies won't help if you can't connect with your potential customer. They are less likely to answer if the number that appears on your prospects' phones is flagged as spam, a toll number, or a long distance number. If they identify the area code, your chances of getting through are higher.


Despite this, leaving a compelling pitch that can capture their attention in the first 18 to 20 seconds of your voicemail can significantly boost your chances of interacting with them.


9. Conclude with a succinct email.


Constant calling will almost certainly get you added to the dreaded block list. But quitting up the moment your call goes unanswered is a dead end. So what is a compromise? Send them a brief, friendly email introducing yourself, your company, and the problem you're trying to solve, asking for a callback or a convenient time to meet.



We've covered the prospecting steps of the sales process in this post, including building an ICP, vetting leads, and making contact. Please let us know if you are aware of any further sales prospecting strategies that will boost conversion rates.

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