Why you should choose Zoho Projects for your business? 

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Why you should choose Zoho Project for your business?
Project Management demands a lot of different things for different types of business, thus managing a business project is an overwhelming task. Though, with project management software like Zoho Projects, it has become easy for businesses to keep track of their tasks, collaborate with customers and team members, and stay in touch with all the latest updates of the project. Zoho Projects Integration completes all the collaboration needs of your business, which in return brings great changes to your business and enhances its profitability.

Zoho Projects is an online project management software solution that allows a person to run a business with much-needed ease and efficiency. It is made to offer a holistic solution for everyday problems that arise in project management and adds great value to a business.

It is software that avails in planning, tracking, collaborating, and achieving business targets with ease. You can get started by merely using this software with only a few initial configurations and customizations. This software is available in various subscription plans that solve the needs of organizations of various sizes.

Zoho Projects is a compelling tool for both small and boot-strapped businesses as it is easy to use and also cost-effective. Moreover, the project management tool comes with a free trial option so that you can do more than just a test drive before upgrading to the paid version. 
Task Automation

1. Task Automation

Zoho Projects allows you to automate a task which means that you can set time for adding a task or even a reminder. It is mainly known for its ability to automate various tasks by setting up a centralized workflow. There is a blueprint feature that allows the creation of an independent blueprint with proper designing, the configuration of settings, and execution of processes simply.

With the help of task automation that Zoho Projects offers, task automation can become way simpler as the recurring work is removed. This helps in making sure that just the right steps are taken to do the project implementation. 

2. Customizable Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts allow you to envision the progress of your tasks. With Gantt Charts, you can check every detail of project management including task lists, milestones, overdue tasks, completeness status, and dependencies. Each category can be assigned a different color which makes it easy to identify and differentiate between different tasks.

Gantt charts make it easy to reschedule or reorganize the tasks, change plans by adding tasks, drag and drop a task from one area of the chart to another, and more.

This feature also allows you to switch the views of the chart according to your preference. For example, if you want to sort the projects according to their completion status, you can switch the view to show the upcoming due dates first.
Project planning

3. Project planning

Zoho projects allow you to break down your tasks into easy-to-manage pieces. You also have centralized access to all of your projects, so you know who each task is assigned to, what deadlines you have coming up, and you can get a comprehensive view of each project. Additionally, you can break your tasks into subtasks, write comments on tasks, and even view tasks by dependency.

4. Document Management

Zoho Projects not only allows you to keep your files organized but also enables you to share and access the file as required. It doesn’t matter whether it is a document, spreadsheet, pdf, video clip, or report, you can send and save files within Zoho Projects. Additionally, Zoho Projects saves previous versions of files, which helps you recover files or return to the previous versions if needed. Zoho Projects comes with a powerful search tool that helps you locate files without searching for each and everything manually.

5. Reporting

Zoho Projects excels in what a particular job requires when it comes to the reporting tool. First off, Zoho Projects can effortlessly integrate with Zoho Reports which will help you customize the dashboard and track metrics which is crucial to you. Zoho Reports also makes it easy to drag and drop, email, export, and print reports according to your requirement. With Zoho Reports, you will be able to track the team’s progress, keep track of KPIs and do adjustments to workflow strategy.
All in all Zoho Project is an online project management software for managing and creating projects. It helps to plan project activity, assign work, and manage resources. Zoho Projects has a proven track record when it comes to improving the efficiency of businesses. 

It has provided significant benefits to the business in terms of project management and team collaboration. It comprises easy-to-use and user-friendly interfaces which makes it easy for team members to understand the various functionalities of the tool.

If you are convinced enough by the features of Zoho Projects and how it can help you manage your work, then it’s the right time to adapt this software. Trigya Innovations will help you implement Zoho Project for your business. Contact us now and get a free Zoho consultancy service