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Dr. Ujjwal Patni is a renowned motivational author and much-revered business coach and a mentor to his million-strong community. His motivational videos have helped people to find balance in business and life. The hugely popular, 'The Ujjwal Patni Show' is a massive success which is simultaneously released on YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp, helping people stay connected to Dr. Patni's successful methods and working.

Dr. Patni is a master of vibrant personality and has worn various hats. He stands apart from other motivational speakers in India by holding 3 Guinness World Records. As a content creator, he holds the prestigious Gold Creator Award by YouTube. In his journey of being a life coach, he has been felicitated more than 15 times on the national and international stage.

The 150 motivational seminars in which Dr. Ujjwal Patni has been the figurehead, have helped transform the lives of more than one million people. Topmost celebrities, politicians, industrialists and social figures from different walks of life have shared the stage with Dr. Patni and still stand in admiration.

A true leader, Dr. Patni has a massive presence in print as well as electronic media, nationally and internationally. Leaving behind a highly rewarding career in Dental Health Care, Dr. Ujjwal Patni opted to devote his life to public care by inspiring people to maximize their potential and achieve greater goals.


Business Jeeto needed to upgrade its CRM and Ticket Management system to improve subscriber on-boarding and existing CRM system was unstable and difficult to navigate. This created process bottlenecks when it came to onboarding daily huge new subscribers. With no scalable territory management feature in place, the system was unable to provide visibility into FRANCHSEE opportunities and the revenue pipeline. The sales team faced delays during deal closures or addressing missed opportunities due to the absence of an alert and escalation mechanism. The team was also dependent on a manual pricing system, which increased closure cycle time. 


Trigya Innovation adopted Zoho One Platform to transform and automate Business Jeeto Sales, Customer Tickets,Franchisee's, & Finance.

At the outset of the engagement, Trigya innovation extensively studied the existing system landscape in close collaboration with Dr. Ujjwal Patni and Teams, to identify root causes and prioritize issues. Post analysis, Trigya Innovation deployed a new Zoho One sales management function which simplified assignment delegation and revenue forecasting – reducing overall lead conversion turnaround time. By replacing the manual pricing system with an auto pricing feature, we enabled the telecom major’s sales team to strengthen and streamline key account manager (KAM) assignment, reassignment, and escalation processes. Trigya Innovation further rationalized and improved the CRM’s user interface by removing field repetitions and redundant data entry points. Business Jeeto CRM platform was augmented by integrating it with productivity enablers such as Website Contacts, Courses & Sales, Zoho Books,Desk,Creator,Sales IQ, Booking, Analytics, Mail,Marketing HUB etc. and daily performance tracker, which in turn enhanced overall operational efficiency.

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