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Trust a professional with an MBA from a top program Business Economics and over 8 years of experience in Strategy, Finance, and Management Consulting. I have worked with start-ups, nonprofits, VC-backed companies, and publicly-traded entities. My experience includes strategic direction, pricing, financial analysis, competitor analysis, and project management. 

As you Explore your idea, you can expect to receive:

-Company Description 

-Industry Analysis 

-Competitor Analysis 

-SWOT Analysis lysis 

-Customer Analysis 

-And More!  

When it is time to Jump Start, add: 

-3-year P&L to see profitability and growth 

Next let's Accelerate your plan. You'll receive:   

-An extended P&L out to 5 years (the investment horizon of many VCs) 

-Capitalization table to show investors the ownership they'd receive 

-Sources & Uses of Cash so investors know where their money is going 

-KPIs to illustrate healthy fundamentals 

NB: the scope of this service is one of composition, and does not include strategy development.

Technical Consultant in Strategy or Finance

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If you're struggling through a business issues, challenges, or obstacles, I can help you sort through it. Hi, I'm Balvinder. I have an MBA from a top program Business Economics and have over 8 Years of Experience in helping companies of all sorts and sizes (Startup, VC- and PE-Backed, Public, Non-Profit, etc.) sort through financial and strategic decisions.        

If you need a seasoned professional who can help:

-Review a business plan 

-Evaluate a market opportunity 

-Audit a project or process and recommend improvements 

-Devise strategies to address pressing external and internal obstacles

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If you need a professional who can help, We shall cover below things into this service:

Total Monthly Support Hours Cover: 10 Hours.

- Zoho Support : 8 Hours.

- Development : 2 Hours.

- Days Mon - Fri 

- Assign 1 Expert Account Manager for Quick Solution.